Zel Nonnenberg creates multimedia artworks; videos, photos, augmented reality and installations; applying a poetic and often conceptual vision of the human elusive perception in between art, semiotics and occultism.
He studied at Brazilian Society of Eubiose, EAV - School of Visual Arts of Lage Park, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Estácio de Sá University, International Academy of Film, Atelier da Imagem and Inspiratorium - School of Cinema and Arts.

His work was at "Abotoados Pela Manga" exposition of reasons at Sao Paulo (2011), where he made a doc art about the artists and the relations within the contemporary art panorama; "Venus-Earth Exposition" with the analogic installation “REAL 3D” at TAC Gallery in Rio de Janeiro (2012); Parque Lage - School of Visual Arts (2013) with the works "LUMUS" and "INCARNE"; ArtPort - "Making Waves", videoart selection in Berlin (2014) with the work "INCARNE"; "4 Aces" an multimidia art game project at Albertina Museum - Hofburg Palace in Vienna (2014), among other art works.

Zel also did commercial works; like a TV series about the Mysteries of Brazil for BBC International, publicity for Telecom Italy (TIM), Bank of Brazil, World Military Games, Viva!Musica Institute, music videoclips and others.


In cinema, Zel had works selected, screened or awarded in both international and national festivals such as; at the Zeitgeist Festival (2011), the 16th Brazilian College Film Festival (2011), 5th AudioVisual Contest Causos do ECA (2010), CineCachaca VideoArt Selection at Cine Odeon Petrobras (2012).

Nowadays, Zel is based in Rio de Janeiro, BR and Ibiza, ES.

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